Frequently Asked Questions

For HYPE Passengers

1What is HYPE?
  • Hype is the newest and the 1st Filipino Ride Hailing app in the country.
  • Safe and fast booking service for taxi, cars and carpooling.
2How can I register?
  • Visit HYPE website www.hypetransport.com
  • Fill out all the neccessary fields, attach all requirements and click submit
  • Wait for an acknowledgment e-mail
3What are the requirements for EXISTING TNVS?
  • Government ID
  • TIN ID
  • Scanned Copy of PA/CPC
  • Registration Number
  • Image of Vehicle
  • (Front, Rear, Left Side, Right Side, Dashboard, Back Seat)
  • NBI Clearance
  • Police Clearance
  • Professional Driver's License
  • Medical Certificate (for 60 years old and above)
4What is PA/CPC?

PA is the Provisional Authority and CPC is the Certificate of Public Convenience.

5Where can I get PA/CPC?

You can get a PA/CPC from LTFRB.

6I have a new vehicle but I don’t have a PA/CPC, can I still work with HYPE?

We are not accepting new entries yet. Please stay with us for more updates.

7Why should I submit a PA/CPC? What if I don’t like?

PA/CPC permits are mandated by the LTFRB.

8I am an existing TNVS and have been driving for other transport app but my PA/CPC hasn’t been released. Am I still allowed to be a partner of HYPE?

As long as you have PA/CPC number and included on the LTFRB’s master list, you can register and drive with HYPE. Just submit your PA/CPC once released.

9I want to know about LTFRB. Contact details and address.
  • LTFRB is located at East Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City
  • For more info you may visit www.ltfrb.gov.ph
10Can HYPE process my PA/CPC Permits?

We can try to coordinate your concerns to LTFRB but we cannot process your requirements.

11I want to walk-in. Where should I go?

HYPE temporary office is located at Unit 1602 16 Floor, 139 Corporate Center Valero st. Makati city.

12Do you have a hotline number?

Our phone number is ‎5418887. Please be advised that you may encounter long waiting time as we are receiving high volume of calls. Thank you.

13When will the HYPE APP be available on App Store and Google Play?

It will be available on the HYPE App Official Launch.

14When is the launch?

HYPE Grand Launch to be announced. Please wait for further announcement.

15What are type of cars do you accept?

We accept taxi, sedan, SUV and AUV. Other cars are subject for approval.

16What is your incentive scheme?

Details about the incentive scheme will be discussed during Operator's and Driver's Training.

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